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Your garden is your pride and joy, but the entire scene can be ruined by battered old fence panels that don’t reflect the natural beauty that the garden represents. Ideally your fence should be able to withstand the rigours and ravages of the elements, while still complementing the garden itself, offering you a comprehensive solution that allows for the creation of gardens that leave others in awe.

With our wide range of fencing panels and accessories, CNC aims to do just that. Combining reliability with the aesthetic quality that is so important in the garden, everything in our range has been tested and will meet the approval of your customers.

The range includes:

  • Fence Panels
  • Posts
  • Feather Edge Panels
  • Fence Accessories
  • Gravel Boards
  • Trellis and Screening
  • Water based Shed & Fence Treatment
  • Wire Fencings, Netting & Mesh Panels
  • Lap Panels
  • Corner Panels

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